Install Gorgeous New Floors in Your Home

Install Gorgeous New Floors in Your Home

We offer flooring installation services in Choctaw, OK

New hardwood flooring can benefit any space. If you want new floors for your home in Choctaw, OK, T & S Home Improvements can help. We complete flooring installation jobs for average-sized homes in just one day, and we use flooring with a clip-in system.

Speak to our owner today to learn about the benefits of clip-in flooring.

Selecting the perfect type of flooring for your home

One of the reasons hardwood flooring is a popular choice is the variety of color and style options natural woods provide. Just a few of the types of wood we work with include:

  • Oak - rich, deep wood with a spectrum of brown and red tones
  • Cedar - intensely colored wood with a wide variety of primary tones
  • Pine - gorgeous wood accented with knots and other natural markings

Our owner prefers to install cedar floors, but he's glad to install whatever type you like. You'll work with him to find an option in a color and style you love that fits your budget. Email us now for flooring installation services.